All the eyes were busy with something else but him.
Oh-oh. Act cool. Pretend nothing happened. If he could only cross the room to reach the door to the corridor. A lot of human flesh to deal with tough. Ok cool. Keep on going. They look like they did not notice you. Busy with their stuff over the table I guess.
Shit. Who made this floor so slippery?
No no no. Don’t cry. The stab starting from your ileum bone is not as painful, as horrible, as your mind is processing it…
But he could not help it.
He burst in a loud cry.
One of the people approached him in a dizzy rush.
“Oooooh you poor boy! Are you tired aren’t you?” she then went close to where the accident happened, the butt, but to have a quick sniff of it.
No, no, don’t say it loud…
“And look at that! You made poo poo! How cool is our babe pooping all around?”
Yeah cool thanks. Did anybody ever tell you how impolite is to talk about droppings during a fancy dinner?
He started crying even harder for the embarrassment.

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