The went out when the sun was drowsy. “Let’s have a walk” she suggested after sitting on a windy sand. They both did not know the city. They passed in front of a French-doors skyscraping-ceiling hotel. She rushed towards the glass, wandering in front of the relaxed guests having exotic teas in matt white cups served by polished waiters. They then continued under the colonnade. He noticed a gallery where a French artist was exhibiting. She doubtfully followed him in. Captured by tiny installations in Murano glass and bronze, weird replicas of old clocks decorated with grotesque statues and stamps, she could not help laughing together with an old woman when a submarine-like statue started barking. Out again, they planned to stop in a bar for a drink but a rock band was playing on the street, progressive rock Thee Oh Sees-like. She stared at them performing, even if the mike was not working properly, smiling and nodding. He never noticed how the world was full of beauty until that afternoon.

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